Friday, February 20, 2009


Who did fine in Jan '09? Read on to cheer on your teammates! We have an awesome team of gals who are working really hard to meet some goals. Leave your comments here to cheer on girls you know or ones you think did great!
Above is a picture of Deanna Geier speaking at last year's National Convention. This was her month to be beat! Read on...

Top PV

1. Deanna Geier with an outstanding 4340--#1 In the whole company, she even beat Connie Feikes!!! We have a star among us!

2. Renee Tesoro-Dang 1182

3. Jennifer Tracer 1166

4. Cindy Jensen 1022 (in her first month of business!!)

5. Meredith Bergersen 932

Top Recruiting

1. Jennifer Tracer with an outstanding 4 new Reps! #2 Company-Wide!

2. Deanna Geier with 3--#3 Company Wide!

3. Cindy Jensen and Amanda Smith, each with 2 new Reps, excellent job!!!

Top # Classes Submitted

1. Deanna Geier with 10 (seeing a pattern here?)

2. Renee Tesoro-Dang with 6

Top Signing Premier Members

1. Deanna Geier 11 WOOT WOOT!

2. Cindy Jensen 5 in her first month! WOOT WOOT!

3. Amanda Souder & Meredith Bergersen 2 each!

Welcome New Team Members

Colleen Blackburn

Zdena Graper

Laura Karch

Jan Ruegg

Cassaundra Maldonado

Pat Ayers

Kristina Schroeder

Tina Ver Velde

Deena Pugmire

Sara Welden

Tricia Ritter

Anna Slye

Heidi Dandridge

Shelly Kobayashi

Shauna Luddy

Liane Reyes

Sherri Reid

Sara Riggs

Cara Cornelius


Newly Qualified Reps

Tricia Stanton--YAY!!!

Cindy Jensen--Had an awesome first month, keep up the GREAT work!

Top Spa Class Average

Meredith Bergersen with 466! Whew, that's an AVERAGE of $665 retail sales at her classes!

I'm so proud of so many of you. Many of you are new and making great strides to begin your business. And, some of you are old, like me. You're consistency is excellent. It's something we can all strive for, and that you model flawlessly and tirelessly. I thank you and applaud you!