Friday, January 16, 2009

Leadership Conference--Portland, OR, January 10-12

Hi, All! We just returned a few days ago from our Leadership retreat in Portland, OR. What a time we had. One of my favorite parts of conferences is always the announcements. This year was particularly exciting because not only did we get fantastic new Spring products, we also got one of the best, most acheivable incentives Sensaria has ever offered. The trip to Cancun may be out of your reach, but the new HAVE IT ALL incentive puts everyone on equal playing ground. New Reps have the exact same chance to earn one, two, or all 5 awards this year. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, log in to your SPA site and check out the details. What will you choose??? Will it be a diamond bracelet??? How about a Cruise??? Not about the material things--think of all you could do if you chose $500 cash instead...The possibilities are endless, and this incentive is yours for the taking.
Besides all the fun annoucements of new products and incentives, the reason I go to conference is to see all of my awesome team members. If you've never been to Convention or Leadership, now is the time to start planning to come. Here are some of the reasons...

Carl Sell on the electric guitar announcing the theme of this year's National Convention--

Taking Care of Business!!!

Fun meals out with the gals--pictured from back row L-R
Pam, Amy Hurd, Nancy Jerkovich, MaryRose Ramacci, Deanna Bowman, Cindy Wittman, and Jamie Davis

Jennifer Tracer with Jodi Minker

Lindsay, Pam, and Renee--the Hawaiian Chicks

Me & Renee Tesoro-Dang who was fresh in on the Pineapple Express

The new products smell, feel, and look unbelievable. Check them out online, or in the picture below:
So, did I give you enough reasons to want to come to Tacoma in July? That's where this year's National Convention will be held, July 17-19. Make your plans now. I want to know who's with me??? I'm so excited to see all of you!

December Recognition

YAY! December is over and we are well into the first month of a New Year! I'm so excited to see what this year brings for our team. I'm excited to see who our first promotion of the year will be. I'm excited to see how many people we can touch with this amazing business that's still thriving in the midst of a trenching economy. I'm excited to see who becomes a star, and which stars shine even brighter this year!

Without further ado, here are our greatest, tops, and bests of December...

Top PV
1. Renee Tesoro-Dang--2012
2. Jennifer Tracer--1729
3. Deanna Geier--1549
4. Kathy Butt--1046
5. Amanda Souder--996
6. Stacy Hastings--815

Top Group Volume
1. Stacy Hastings--7358
2. Deanna Geier--4072
3. Jennifer Tracer--2481

Top Recruiting
1. Jennifer Tracer--3!! Woo-Hoo! 3rd in the Company!
2. Stacy Hastings--2 (and 9 months pregnant to boot!)
Amanda Souder
Deanna Geier
Erin Dolan

Top # Classes Submitted
1. Renee Tesoro-Dang--6
2. Kathy Butt--4
3. Jennifer Tracer--4

Top Signing Premier Members
1. Deanna Geier--4
2. Jennifer Tracer--4
3. Amanda Souder--3

Welcome New Team Members
Paula Rabena
Amanda Smith
Tammy Heitzmann
Stormy Howell
Sarah Fletcher
Cindy Jensen
Anna Coburn
Valerie Weyand
Tracey Lundberg
Holly Fisher

Newly Qualified Reps
Linda Bawden
Jaime Fox

Top Spa Class Average
Nicole Heller--455!!!

Congrats to all our top acheivers this month. I'm so very proud of those of you who have made a committment to yourself and to your business. Ring in the New Year with renewed committment to improve just a bit each month! Here's to you and your success!!!