Wednesday, December 3, 2008


WoooooHooooo! You guys really pulled out all the stops to end November with a bang! I saw some big jumps as the night went on, November 30th. Way to go! It presents a unique challenge when the end of the month coincides with a holiday. But, this team was too strong to let it deter us, and I am proud.

Here are our top achievers for the month, with some special accolades thrown in for exceptional work:

Top PV
1. 2024 Deanna Geier (WA)
2. 1121 Renee Tesoro-Dang (HI)
3. 1062 Jennifer Tracer (WA)
4. 862 Amber Dummar (UT)
5. 850 Amanda Gibson (WA)
6. 808 Stacy Hastings (WI)
7. 757 Jennifer Norberg (WA)

Top Group Volume
1. 11474 Stacy Hastings
2. 5078 Jennifer Tracer
3. 4685 Deanna Geier
4. 3485 Annie Tintle

Top Recruiting
1. Deanna Geier (WA) with 3 new Reps!
2. each with 1 new Rep:
Trisha Stanton (WA)
Amanda Souder (KS)
Amberlyn Coulson (UT)
Meredith Bergersen (WI)
Jennifer Tracer (WA)
Alison Hildebrand (WA)
Kathy Butt (UT)

Welcome New Team Members!
Leanna Murphy (WA)
Gina Koinski (PA)
Annie Elkins (UT)
Karen Gulbransen (WI)
Charlene Van Cott (WA)
Sheridan Davis (WA)
Sharleen Dibley (WA)
Erica Corbin (UT)
Janis Collett (WA)
Brenda High (WA)

Newly Qualified Reps (qualified is when someone has accumulated at least 750 PV) Congrats, this is a big achievement!
Bethany Friedrich
Jordan Smith
Kirsten Barrows
Teri Nole
Cherilee Ramsey
Jan Mortensen

Best Spa Class Average
Jennifer Norberg 757 (WOW--That's $1081 Retail!)

Special Acknowledgement

This month, Jennifer Tracer gets the extra recognition for her outstanding improvement. This month, she had 10 Active lines, and personally qualified 5 new Reps!!! Excellent work, Jenn! We're impressed!

A job well done in a Holiday Month. Excellent achievements to all. Keep working towards those goals, and keep checking in often.

Just a quick suggestion: If you are feeling like you could use some improvement in your business but not sure if anything will work, or if you can even get what you want, this is the time. Trust me and my (almost) 7 years with Sensaria when I tell you that the single most effective thing you can do to help out your business is to attend a conference. Sensaria has made this possible for everyone now. Our Leadership Conference is January 10-12 in Portland, Oregon. That's just a hop skip and jump for many of us in WA, OR, CA, UT, etc. If you're not sure that's true or not, try me. Come and judge for yourself. No one leave unaffected. I'm looking forward to seeing you there!!!

Email me your class dates for December and January--I want to check in with you after your bookings to see how they are going. Need a pep talk? Have a question? Having an issue? Send me a note and we'll set up a time to talk!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I was in Anaheim, CA this past weekend at a Conference (that was not work-related). The keynote speaker was Bruce Jenner who is commonly referred to as the greatest male athelete in the world because he holds the world record in the men's decathlon event. He won the event in 1976, which is where he set the record. That was 32 years ago, and the record still stands. Many of us are either way too young to remember that, or even not even around at that time. So, it was fun to hear the account of the events straight from him.

His main message was no different than what many of us have heard before, but it was still quite inspiring. The message was basically that you can be/do/become anything you want if you just decide on it. He actually raced at the Olympics 4 years before he won. He made the American team by the skin of his teeth, then placed 10th in the Decathlon at the Olympics in 1972 at the age of 22. The day of the race that year, he was so moved by the medal ceremony that it caused him to wonder what he could do if he practiced every day for the next 4 years. He knew what he wanted, then he decided he would and could get it. So, for 4 years, he was focused. But, one thing he said caught my attention. He said he determined a slogan that encompassed a few smaller goals. The decathlon is a series of 10 events. Yes, that means he had to win 10 events. Ten. TEN! The events are all given point values, and the overall winner is the person who has the most points at the end. The Gold Medalist in 1972 (the one by whom he had been so inspired) got just over 8400 points. So, his slogan while he was practicing and focused on becoming the Gold Medalist in 1976 was "85 in '75 and 86 in '76". His goal was to acheive 8500 points in 1975, and 8600 points in 1976 at the Olympics. His story was long and detailed. We all sat on the edge of our seats to hear a story that took place over 30 years ago. But, to make a long story short, he experienced setbacks, he lost races, and he flopped at times. But, that did not stop him from maintaining focus. He did get to his "85 in '75", and at the Olympics, he scored 8634, and was the first athelete ever to score over 8600 points in the event.

How does this story apply to you? You tell me. Do you have a dream? Does it seem impossible? Are you where you want to be? If not, could you get there? What would it take? I'm guessing that becoming a Decathlon champion is not your dream. I'm guessing that your dream might not even be as difficult to acheive. My advice? Start small. Have success, then go bigger!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Boot Camp!

This past Saturday, a group of about 120 Reps from my local area, plus surrounding states (several of whom flew in just for the event) gathered to participate in a day of fun, teamwork, and training. We got training in all of the business basics (sales, bookings, host coaching, and recruiting) from some of the top Reps in the company. It was also lots of fun. Here are some pictures of the day. You may see some faces you recognize. Girls from our team who attended were Jennifer Tracer, Lisa Zehm, Michelle Harvey, Deanna Geier, Lisa Pokswinski, Amanda Gibson, Trisha Stanton, Leanna Murphy, Erin Dolan, Alison Hildebrand, and myself.

This event could become a traveling event, so if you are interested, email me, and I'll pass it along to the company!

Marcy Shroder & Stacy Sova (director of Sales training)


The 3 winning Relay teams

My Red Team!

The Pink team with Leanna & Erin (2nd and 3rd from R)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I need your HELP!

Now that we've got this started, I have a request or two from you.

As much as I love to hear my own voice (or even my written voice for that matter), I like yours even better. And, I have a feeling you all would like that, too.

So, what I need from you is your ideas, pictures, inspirations, and stories. I will publish any and all submissions. I would really like to be able to put up as much content as possible. And, I'd love to include your picture with your information.

I would also love to have a picture of each of you even if you don't send me content. That way, whenever I have something lovely to say about you, I can put up your picture, too. Then, we will all feel like we were right there with you when you have a great moment/spa party/month/inspiration. So, please email them to me at I will save them in my special picture collection, and use them as necessary.

Please know that I am talking to YOU! I want as many people as possible to participate, it's so much more fun that way! Thanks, ALL!!!


We had an awesome month in October! There are lots of standouts in our group! We had a very high overall group volume of 25373! So, here are the ladies who did their best...

Top PV
1. Deanna Geier--2159
2. Stacy Hastings--1476
3. Alison Hildebrand--1450 (a personal career best!)
4. Meredith Bergersen--1136
5. Amanda Souder--1074
6. Renee Tesoro-Dang--1003
7. Amanda Gibson--831
8. Lisa Zehm--807
9. Shannon Madden--805
10. Kathy Butt--800
Top Recruiting
1. Me, Yay! 3 New Recruits
2. Amanda Souder
Bethany Friedrich
Kathy Butt
Deanna Geier
Jennifer Tracer
Trisha Stanton
each with 1 New Recruit!
Welcome, New Reps
Pam Pence (AZ)
Trisha Stanton (WA)
Erin Dolan (WA)
Sabrina White (WA)
April Seibel (WA)
Jaime Fox (WA)
Jana Burton (UT)
Trevor Carr (WA)
Brandee Vietz (KS)
Top Class Sales
Amanda Gibson with average class sales of 653 PV (that's $932 retail sales!)
Congratulations to you ladies! Great job! The company is putting out tons of great incentives for us right now--just for doing spa parties! I have not seen such great incentives since I first became a Sensaria Rep! It's like doing Natural Start/Successful Start/BBRP all over again! A freakin' ton of free products, just for turning in parties. If there's ever been a time to start or re-start your business, it's NOW!

Trip to the Bahamas with the Geiers and the Hastings

Last month was Sensaria's incentive trip to the Bahamas. Two ladies on our team earned this trip, and we had a blast. Oh, we laughed. We didn't cry (not publicly, anyway), and we had a ball. We rode scooters, laid on the beach, ate lots of Greek food, played lots of cards, and generally relaxed. All of this in gorgeous 85-degree weather. Even when it was raining, it was warm. Without the responsibilities of home, all of us had the chance to truly appreciate a trip that was a year's worth of work, but well worth the effort. What a reward!

My favorite part of the trip was the time I got to spend with ladies on my team who are fun, amazing women, but totally outside of a business setting. This was by far my most favorite trip as of yet because I got to share it with my team. I can't explain what a difference it makes to the experience.

Here's some pictures to share. I hope they are inspiring for you to get yourself to Cancun in May! Hopefully I kept most of the more humiliating pictures to myself...

Steve and Deanna Geier (from Bremerton, WA)

Artemis Kinzer (who's on Marcy's team in NJ) with Marcy Schroder (from Poulsbo, WA--Rebecca's upline) and me, Deanna, and Stacy at our first Sensaria-catered dinner

Deanna, Marcy, Stacy and me on our last night in the Bahamas

Marcy and Mark Schroder with Steve and Deanna

me and my honey, Robb with Stacy and David Hastings (from Sheboygan, WI), and Steve and Deanna

Stacy (about 27 weeks pregnant) with her (virgin) Coconut drink

the 3 Musketeers

The first day of the rest of your Sensaria business

I'm so excited to begin this blog with all of you in mind. Since I started my business way back in February of 2002, I have wondered how best to keep in touch with team members who are spread far and wide from not just me, but from each other. When I started, I was one of a small group of local women. My first recruit lived about an hour away from me. My second lived in the same area. My third lived very close, but shortly thereafter moved all the way across the country and started her own team there very quickly. I was so proud! But, that was the beginning of my dilemma. How did I support, train, recognize, and otherwise collaborate with women on my team who were so far away? Now, there are Reps in my downline from 22 different states (let's work on getting that number higher!).

I feel a little dense that I didn't think of this idea sooner. But, it came to me in the shower the other day (am I the only one who receives most of her inspiration in the smallest single enclosed space in the whole house?). I've started this blog so we can all feel a part of one team. If you have ever felt like you're out there on your own, not sure if there's anyone out there to support you or cheer with you, this blog is for you!

I will post regular updates and information relevant to our team. I will also post monthly recognition of top team acheivers here. I will not repeat company announcements as we all have the same access to them, and I don't want this reading to be laborious or redundant. I want this to be our place to share news, excitement, ideas, and our own team spirit!

I expect you to check in regularly to read about new news, announcements, incentives, and recognition. I also expect you to participate. You can leave comments, email me ideas to share, and pictures to post.

In that spirit, let the fun begin!!!